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About Us

PHARMGRADE has produced breakthrough sustainable products in the fertilizing industry for the past 30 years. We design and create natural products that continue to grow sustainable crops all over the country. Our proprietary proven blends combine naturally occurring microbes with organic acids and nutrient to produce superior soil health, increased fertility, and stronger yields. PHARMGRADE values nature and its delicate balance and processes. Our goal is to help nature not by force, but by understanding. Our commitment to research, continuing education and technical support will always remain vital components to our company's success.

PHARMGRADE takes great pride in all aspects of the business, especially our team. We believe we must actively recruit and train extraordinary field consultants, dealers, and farmers who share our concern for the future of agriculture and its sustainability. We seek a team approach where individuals are allowed an open, honest forum of communication. Truly the security and growth of PHARMGRADE depends on the hard work, creativity, raw determination and dedication of all players involved.

PHARMGRADE provides a full line of products centered on pharmaceutical grade microbiology, humic and fulvic acids, mycorrhizae, organic matter, and carbon. Our hardworking products and team at PHARMGRADE provide a proven system that will increase current yields and build sustainable soils for the future.